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‘No one can predict the future but everyone can imagine and create their own future.’

Trendslator informs and inspires companies and organisations about trends and the future. Research into short term and long term developments and their translation into a future vision are essential prerequisites for successful innovation and creation. Trends will be studied for you and with you, and then be converted into strategies and concepts, markets and brands. The aim is to explore options and possibilities for a better future for your company or organisation.

Trendslator was founded in 1997. Futuring, our method of researching and translating of trends, was developed in 1999 and then implemented at, and together with organisations in various sectors. Our online activities started in 2007 in the form of Trendslog. Since the foundation of our studio, we have been making trend books and publications, from 2007 to 2020 in the form of MOOD. In 2021 we will introduce Futuring Friends for those who want to prepare for the future of their organisation.

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‘We are what we do.’

Hilde Roothart, the founder of Trendslator (since 1997), is a pioneer in the areas of researching and translating trends. She started her career as forecaster with her mentors Lidewij Edelkoort, Dominique Peclers, Günther Frank and Milou Ket. She is fascinated by trends, the Zeitgeist and the future. To her, research does not mean a search for proven certainties, but the exploration of opportunities and possibilities.

Hilde Roothart was active as a trend researcher and is a future maker now. In her bestseller ‘Van Trends naar Brands’ (From trends to brands) (2001) that describes the Futuring method, she offers a structured approach to exploring the future. She has applied the methods and tools that she has developed to practices at tens of companies and organisations. With Futuring Friends she inspires professionals who want to create their own future and that of their organisation.

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