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• inspiration, insights and foresights
• media research, street research, expert research
• possibilities and opportunities for your future

Who wants to move into the direction of the future, starts looking for inspiration, insights and foresights. In the context of MOOD, Trendslator investigates and translates the mood in the market, among its consumers and in society based on media, street and expert research. Together with you, we investigate the spirit of the times and develop a sixth sense for trends and developments. Our knowledge and experience will help you to explore and exploit possibilities and opportunities for your business or organisation and to describe and visualise your future in online and offline publications and productions.

We have regularly worked for clients in the real estate sector on concept and project development. Scenarios, strategies and concepts have been visualised and described for clients such as ERA Contour, Bemog Project development and Dura Vermeer. For manufacturers such as Sigma Coatings (Histor) we have created manuals on the subject of trends and brands and for ABN Amro we worked on a brochure about social trends. Commissioned by Technische Unie and Unipro, we produced visual presentations for the introduction and presentation of new products and services.


• advice and guidance
• concrete and abstract, short and long term
• researching and translating trends and developments

Trend research is not an end in itself but the beginning of a process of change, improvement and renewal. Futures coach Hilde Roothart of Trendslator shares her knowledge and experience in theory and practice and she advises and guides companies and organisations in that process. Based on empathetic viewing and listening, concrete and abstract short and long term trends for your company or organisation are mapped. Together with professionals active in the Trendnetwork of Trendslator, market, consumer and societal insights are linked to foresights for your business or organisation.

Trendslator and futures coach Hilde Roothart have been working since 1997 for dozens of small and large companies and organisations in retail (Claudia Sträter, IKEA), tourism (Landal Greenparks, VVV tourist information Netherlands), nutrition (Leerdammer, Procter & Gamble), housing (Bedding House, Luxaflex), energy (Eneco, Nuon), health (Dr. Hauschka), nature (Nivon, Staatsbosbeheer), transport (ANWB, Gazelle, KLM), media (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Sanoma) and financial services (ABN Amro, Rabobank). They advised and guided companies such as De Bijenkorf, Etos, DSM, Hema, Interpolis, Robeco and TNO.


• scenarios, strategies, concepts
• Futuring, roadmapping, concepting
• a better future for your company or organisation

In an uncertain and changing world, it is a task for companies and organisations to remain relevant in the future. For you and with you, we research on short and long term trends and developments and advise on how to translate them into scenarios, strategies and concepts. We do this actively, interactively and iteratively in the form of Futuring, Roadmapping and Concepting. As a client, you will be involved in the project or process based on shared ownership. The goal is to create societal value and profit and build a better future for your company or organisation.

For companies and organisations such as Friesland Campina, Nissan and ING, we have undertaken research into the future of health and money, living and shopping, nutrition and transport. Questions we have been asked include: How can we use our brands and products to respond to changing consumer behaviour (Heineken, Kruitbosch), how can we prepare for the future in a changing retail and media landscape (Consumentenbond, RTL Netherlands, RTV Utrecht, Wehkamp) or what are our organisation’s possibilities and opportunities and in the short and long term (Corio, KPN, Rabobank)?

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