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Translating the mood

Each year in December, Notebook MOOD will be published on the basis of MOOD, researching and translating the mood by Trendslator. The Notebook MOOD offers a preview and a summary of seven Trend files that will appear online. These focus on market trends, consumer trends and societal trends and insights and foresights on the long-term, mid-term and short-term. Using Translation Materials, you can start researching and translating the mood into new strategies and innovative concepts for your business or organisation.

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4 C’s for a better future

The mood strikes and the time tilts, as evidenced by continuous research by Trendslator. Optimists see that consumers and producers, citizens, directors and companies everywhere are busy transforming new ways of thinking into action. The models and systems for consuming, producing, organising and undertaking on the way to a better future are not only devised but also applied with enthusiasm.

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